Neighborhood Housing Service Mural

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Ocean Gyres and Trash

A gyre is a current vortex that is located in the central areas of the oceans. the pacific ocean has two, one in the north and one in the south. the north pacific gyre has gotten the most attention for the amount of trash that has accumulated in it, but every ocean gyre has this problem. it is the nature of the beast. the trash is carried by the currents into the gyre where it circulates. since plastic mostly floats it is exposed to the sun and eventually photodegrades, which is when the plastic gets broken down slowly by the sun. this creates plastic nodules (little pellets of plastic) that fish mistake for food. the effects of plastic on marine life are not fully known at this time.

Ocean Gyres


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QR codes

here is a website that allows you to create a qr code for yourself.

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I have been focused on water issues including fertilizer runoffs that cause algae blooms. 

when it rains some of the fertilizer used on crops gets washed off the crops and goes into rivers, where it flows into the ocean and fertilizes the algae. this causes an algae bloom, which harms the balance of the marine ecosystem. the algae bloom actually takes too much oxygen out of the water which can cause fish to suffocate if they do not relocate.

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The Plastiki

I have been fascinated by the Plastiki project since its inception. it is a boat made out of plastic bottles and other recycled materials. Check out their interactive website for more info and a tour of the boat.

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Meeting April 17th 3pm!

We’re getting ultra ready for spring and getting our parkways as beautiful as possible! Spring has sprung and it’s time to maintain our garden~

The meeting will begin at 3pm at 2081 N. Stave St. and will be followed with some food at Los Comales down the street.

Hope you can join! E-mail with questions:

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We are a group of SAIC students and faculty working together to create sustainable art and design projects informed by and in response to local communities.

We are currently engaged with communities on the South Side, Logan Square, West Side, and sites at Grand/Maine (near the chocolate factory).

We will examine strategies for working on site, gaining an understanding of the complex intersection of the social, cultural, built, and natural environment that is so essential to the creation of artist’s interventions, independently or in collaboration with others, in and out of the art world. Working individually and in groups, students will conduct research, critically and creatively analyze site, identify opportunities and issues, and develop and present project proposals. The specifics of location, materials, communities, participants, partnering institutions, funding and facilitation will be identified throughout this process. This course provides pragmatic preparation for actually undertaking projects outside of the studio.

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