retain : reclaim

retain : reclaim is a confrontation with the politics of The Object, specifically the discarded object.  as i ritualistically reflected on my daily domestic waste for a period of several months, i realized complex relationships between myself, my domestic environment, and the pretexts for my consumptive practices.  the treatment applied to my garbage displays their value as functional objects in my life.  this exercise has caused me to engage with the material qualities of the garbage in a different way, and through this i am defining an overlooked, hands-on approach to reclaiming material.

the performative aspect of this work is equally as important as the created object.  i obtained an old unused chair which i re-appropriated as a mobile-crochet-chair.

inspiration . precedents

doung anwar jahangeer
christian desile
falter folding stool
portable station

it is designed specifically for my ritualized act.  i used the crochet stitch to enunciate the construction and independent members of the chair, as well to explore a hardware-less hinging joint.


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