Veronica M. Witteman

Most of my inspirations come from people and the objects that surround them.  The most influential situations or an environment is seeing somebody that is walking down the street minding their own business, doing their own thing.  In a city there exists thousands of these people.  An individual in a crowd of people is a single entity.  An existing organism, surrounding himself/herself in an environment in which they choose.  What, and why people make certain mundane choices is what is inspiring.  Internal battles and human reactions are important and often over-looked.  Analyzing myself, and other individuals is a pathway to concept and physical work.  Studies, research, and mapping strategies is part of my studio practice and in some cases works its way into the final aesthetic of a final piece.  Learning proper communication, interviews and organization (people skills) are very important in un-covering important attributes of people and is a form of research in which I greatly value.


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