Michael Tewz Resume

B. Chicago, Illinois


School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2007 -2010)
University of Illinois, Champaign Urbana (1998 – 1999)


Mary Koga Award, Japan America Society of Chicago (2010)
Presidential Merit Scholarship, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2007)
SAIC Grant, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2007)

I am a native Chicago artist that has been working with public space since the early 1990’s. I am interested in the way people engage with space & getting them to think about it in new ways. These places offer thousands of opportunities for artistic intervention. For example, an empty lot can be the venue for a 1 day art gallery, market, performance, or semi-permanent covert sculpture installation. The audience for public space is very different from those of gallery space. The majority of city residents aren’t exposed to art. They may never set foot inside of a gallery. Working on the street allows me to bring art to the people, instead of bringing people to the art. I work primarily with resources and materials that are readily available on the street. Discarded trash, wood, electronics, & plastic can all be creatively RE:Used. These materials call attention to resources that are being wasted and ignored. They force us to think about how we use materials and what we throw away. My work also deals with public space on a conceptual level. The static spaces between radio stations offer opportunities for pirate broadcasting. This raises questions about control, ownership, and access. Who has the right to these spaces? Are they public? or are they private?


Home Movie Screenings, Dorchester Project, Chicago (2011)
Yo Soy Aire, Hot Pop, Milwaukee (2011)
Chicago Street Art Show, Urban Art Society, Chicago (2011)
54 B Stole Christmas, 54 B Gallery, Chicago (2010)
MonsterBox Art Show, 54 B Gallery, Chicago (2010)
Going Postal’s Revenge, Maya Essence, Chicago (2009)
Neighborhood Public Radio (NPR), Whitney Biennial, New York (2008)
Department (Store), Sullivan Galleries. Chicago (2008)
Who Art Thou, Lollapalooza, Chicago (2008)
Veni Vidi Vici, Juxtapoz Magazine, San Francisco (2008)
Keys Open Doors, South Union Arts, Chicago (2008)
Hello My Name is Chicago, The Country Club, Chicago (2008)
I Love Haters, Empty Bottle, Chicago (2008)
Cut & Paste Digital Design Tournament, Jury Prize, Chicago (2007)
Art Ate New York, The 40 Thompson St. Gallery, New York (2007)
Re:Mission, Think Space, Los Angeles (2007)
Improvised Identity, Dulcenea, Chicago (2006)
Fall Arts Festival, Around the Coyote, Chicago (2006)
Dirty Girls, Lakeview Broadcasting Company, Chicago (2006)
Nocturnal Emissions, D’Vine, Chicago (2006)
Analog Addicts, Tre Via, Chicago (2006)
Around the Coyote Fall Arts Festival, ArtIsTroy Gallery, Chicago (2005)
Seize the Night, Big House, Chicago (2005)
Saturation Point, Balazo Gallery, San Francisco (2003)
South by Southwest (SXSW), The Vibe, Austin (2002)
Chicago Rocks, Metro, Chicago (2002)