Heritage + Local Communities = Identity

Heritage + Local Communities = Identity

Regional traits make us uniquely different from one another.

I am originally from Puerto Rico and moved to Chicago 2 years ago.  When I got here, I felt totally lost. Everything looked the same to me and it was hard for me to differentiate one neighborhood from another, so I got lost every time I ventured outside of the downtown area of Chicago.

Back home in Puerto Rico, my small little island (100 miles x 35 miles) is comprised of 78 counties. Each county has many different “barrios,” defined as cohesive places that are unique and have a distinct character which share churches and traditions. Barrios are then further subdivided into sectors.

When traveling throughout the island, the differences between one county and another are visually apparent, through architecture, landscapes, colors and logos.  Some communities have different words to express a feeling or a sentiment, you know which community the person is from.

Barrio Obrero

Old San Juan

La Perla ( right next to Old San Juan)

San German ( southwest of the island)

For instance, in the county of “Carolina”, located in the north part of the island next to San Juan, if something is “awesome” or “cool” we say “ eso esta nitido.” In contrast to the southern part of the island, in the county of “Ponce” where they say “ eso esta masa.”

In this final project, I have focused upon which regional traits make the different neighborhoods on the Westside, uniquely different from one another.   In other words how heritage plus local communities equals identity.

The Communities of West Chicago, East Garfield Park, West Humboldt Park and the CommuniTree project.

Design a Logo, Identifier, for each Community and by joining the two identifiers the CommuniTree project logo will emerge.  This will be created using woodcuts.   This woodcuts are going to be trees that are selected by each community.  In the tree the branches are exchanged by words, phrases or mantras that are representative of the community the tree belongs to.

May 1-31:
Presentation of the idea and developing of sketches for the Identifiers of each Community, East Garfield Park, West Humboldt Park and CommuniTree.
June 1 -30:
Approval of sketches by the Communities and CommuniTree.
July 1- 31:
Working in the different woodcut boards creating the final Identifiers for the Communities and CommuniTree.
Presentation of the Identifiers.

This Identifier can be use in a number of items promoting the Communities.

Street Signs

I want to bring my design skills to articulate the shared values and their uniqueness between the Communities of the West Chicago.