Stefan Topias Johanson

Mural Concept Idea

Stefan Johanson is a young emerging artist born and raised on the north side of Chicago. While attending Lincoln Park High School, he discovered the Gallery 37 Advanced Placement Program, an art program for gifted high school students that allowed them to end the regular school day earlier and travel to the Gallery 37 building downtown to focus on their choice of medium. Stefan was in the AP Drawing and Painting classes. After gaining experience in life drawing, Stefan discovered his knack for collage and landscape and architectural observation drawing with the help of his teacher Miriam Soccoloff. He also learned silk screening and mural painting in the Gallery 37 job training program where young artists get paid to learn and create artwork for the city of Chicago.  With the help of the Gallery 37 AP program, Stefan developed a portfolio that got him a scholarship at the All-City Art Competition in 2006. He was accepted to the School of the Art  Institute of Chicago and is currently working on his BFA.



Past Projects



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