Greenhouse in Sipili

Maize in Sipili


This project aims to equip students at Lariak Day Secondary School and families in the Sipili district with skills in greenhouse farming, to conserve water, in order to produce enough food for sustenance even in times of drought. The project also aims to teach students to convert their learned knowledge into educational visual aids.

Fresh from the farmLunch at Lariak Day Secondary School


Lariak Day Secondary School in Sipili produces a variety of vegetable crops for the school kitchen that in turn feeds the student population. Staff members use organic farming methods on the 6 acres of land set aside for farming purposes.

The Lariak Art Club, established in 1998 and consisting 33 students, aims to develop artistic skills promoting peace among the communities in the district using their skills in art and communication and to educate the community in environmental conservation.

This proposed project involves setting up a greenhouse in the school compound. The design of the greenhouse will be simple, done with affordable and accessible technology so that members of the community in Sipili will be able to replicate it for their own farms.

The students of the Lariak Art Club will be working in the greenhouse to learn about farming methods and by using the technical knowledge gained, will educate the villagers in Sipili on ways to ensure future food security by improving their farming methods. These lessons will be conducted by teacher Thomas Kanyoko.

We will work with them on the farm and educate the public by teaching the students to convert the technical knowledge and documentation (e.g. photographs) into instructional diagrams for flyers that can easily be understood by illiterate or Kiswalhili-speaking members of the community, so that they can develop greenhouses on their own plots of land.

An exhibition and lecture of the process of greenhouse construction and technical knowledge will be held in the village hall. Students will also travel door-to-door, to homes and farms in the village to educate members of the community in Kiswalhili/ Kikuyu. There is a possibility of collaborating with a team of film-makers to document the process and produce an educational video.

Projected Outcome

The greenhouse at Lariak Day Secondary School will be a sustainable and dependable source of food for its students. Through the model on site, the community will learn the process and benefits of greenhouse farming for their food security.

Submitted by Georgiana Phua and Misato Inaba. Follow their blog here.