If these walls could talk; Chicago to Berlin.

Brookly Industries

Here’s the wall we finished for Brooklyn Industries located on Milwaukee Ave, and Evergreen in Chicago.

This wall took about 2 weeks to complete and was primarily the hard work of CZR PRZ with help from AIR Crew, & IAM Crew CHICAGO.

As a member of both crews I was asked to collaborate on the piece. This piece faces the blue line between the Division & Damnen stops.

Tewz Brooklyn Ladder

Here’s me up high on a ladder getting the job done!

Berlin 2010

Shortly after that piece was completed I traveled to Berlin, Germany for the Summer of 2010.

This piece was completed on the inside of Mauer Park north of Mitte in Berlin. They hold concerts and sporting events here regularly.

Berlin 2010

A bit further south in the Kreuzberg are of Berlin, I painted this to honor my Crew back home in Chicago.

It rests beneath a very famous piece by an artist by the name of Blu. You can find his work here.

Berlin 2010

Here’s a shot of me so you can clearly see the scale of both pieces.

Berlin 2010

In the Berlin district of Wedding, I placed this piece for the park goers. Its in a very relaxed and remote area of a park with not much foot traffic.

Most of the surrounding walls are covered with quick tags typical of the majority of Berlin. I wanted to add something a bit more artistic in this beautiful park area.

Kids Hats

When I returned home, I was contacted by a teacher at the School of the Art Institute by the name of Mike Hero.

He was teaching these young gentleman music production and asked me to make them hats for they’re final performance.

Im judging by the photo that they definitely like them!

Tewz Tortilla

Down on the South Side of Chicago, AIR Crew Bi-Annually paints this tortilla factory on 53rd and Kedzie.

Here’s my summer contribution.

Tewz Chicago

On Chicago Ave & Wood, You can find this Alice & Wonderland Production.

Theres TEWZ up in smoke across the top.

Tewz Chicago Wall

Shortly after I returned from Berlin, I was contacted by NorthCoast Festival, & The Chicago Reader to come paint as one of the featured Graffiti artist during the 3 day event. We didn’t really have much of an idea of what we were going to paint, but I think it came out great. (& it’s always nice to get your name in the Reader!) This is a collaboration between myself and CZR PRZ.

Tewz northcoast Day 2

Here’s a small sample of what we painted on Day #2.

Tewz Craftsman x ESPN

A girl named Veronica saw us painting at North Coast, and invited us to paint at an Xgames X Craftsman Tools X Rockstar Energy Drinks event.

I enlisted the help of some of my good friends CERO, CZR PRZ, RILLA, and OSHEN to help me complete this piece.

Tewz Craftsman

They had the entire parking lot for the event, and eventually brought out some ramps with BMX legend Ryan Nyquist.

Tewz Wall Detail

Heres a detail of the final Piece on Wells & Franklin.