Bowen High School

2710 E. 89th Street, Chicago

Bowen High School
Over the course of the semester, I visited Bowen High School (2710 E. 89th Street) six times to speak to students and listen to their thoughts about South Chicago.  To process and reflect on students’ ideas, issues, and problems, I created a Journal of my interactions.

In 1993, Bowen HS was divided into 4 smaller high schools (all still in the same physical campus).  The 4 schools are: Bowen Environmental Studies Team (BEST), Global Visions Academy, Chicago Discovery, and New Millennium.  In April of 2011, the Chicago Public School board voted to consolidate the three latter schools into New Millennium.  My interest in change in the area subsequently came to include both long-term change (the Lakeside development) and the immediate transformation of Bowen.  Consolidation also became a catalyst for students to discuss their communities.

Bowen Consolidation Notice

Read a short article about local school consolidation here.


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