Georgiana Phua

Georgiana graduated with a BFA (Art History) from SAIC in 2010.

In the summer of 2010, she organized the construction of greenhouses at Lariak Day Secondary School, Sipili, Laikipia West, Kenya. Together with fellow SAIC graduate Misato Inaba and Thomas Kanyoko, she founded Village + Maendeleo.

Their project is an ongoing collaboration with students in Sipili schools, who learn about greenhouse farming, water conservation and how to present their knowledge in a visual form to the members of their community in Sipili, many of whom are illiterate farmers. Through constructing an accessible model that members of the community can replicate, this project aims to teach them how they can improve their food productivity and to maintain a constant food source that is not dependent on the erratic rainfall in the semi-arid region. Misato and Georgiana returned Sipili in 2011 to construct greenhouses in another secondary school.

Follow Misato and Georgi’s Blog for more updates on the project.

Georgi’s first visit to Kenya was where it started- for 3 weeks in January 2010, she volunteered at the Mobile Art School in Kenya in Sipili and brought the works of the children to Chicago, where it was exhibited at Siragusa Gallery in the 162 N State Street Residences. View photographs of the exhibition here.